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This society’s objectives are grouped under four headings: research, teaching, publications and equity. The purpose of the Society is to encourage, develop and support scholarship and research in the field of the New Testament and related disciplines in general, and specifically within the South African context, to stimulate effective teaching, to promote publication in the field, and to offer its members opportunities for mutual support, intellectual growth, and professional development. The society also strives for sensitivity and inclusivity regarding race, gender and disabilities. The society successfully implemented a postgraduate affiliation (PANTSSA), which provides opportunity for young scholars to share and develop their research.

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Neotestamentica is the Journal of the NTSSA, which has been published annually since 1966 and currently provides two issues per annum with a total of about 450 pages. The journal showcases South African and African scholarship, including the publishing of contributions from the annual conference of the NTSSA. Submissions by international experts in the field of New Testament are also most welcome. A critical book review section is included in each issue. The journal has 130 print subscribers Around 80 of these represent international libraries in prestigious universities worldwide. Of the latter many are now moving from print to electronic subscription. Members of the NTSSA, also, have opted to start reading their journal electronically. They have free online access to the Neotestamentica homepage on the Project Muse platform.

Prof. Lilly (S.J) Nortje-Meyer Festschrift Celebration

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Books for Review

Members of the Neotestamentica can review books available in the categories below. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Philip du Toit at

Fifty Gobbets from the New Testament and a few Nuggets, by John N Suggit

Gobbets are brief extracts from literary writings, here taken from the New Testament, with the aim of helping clergy, ministers and all readers who are ready to explore its riches, to discover more than the text seems to say.

Published by: The Publishing Committee of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

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