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THEME: “Mapping Transformations towards a Christian Late Antiquity”
Papers are invited by the Early Christian Studies subgroup for presentation at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the New Testament Society of South Africa, at the University of the Western Cape, 29 June – 3 July 2020, during the Joint Conference of Academic Societies in the Fields of Religion and Theology.
Paper proposals should be about 150—200 words, and should address issues relating to the focus of the group and the project description. Areas to be addressed include (but are not limited to):
• Redescriptive theorising of processes of social, cultural, and religious change in the transition from traditional religious and cultic discourses to Christian discourses in the later Roman Empire;
• Aspects of the formation history of early Christian social formations, including aspects of the interaction between early Christian and Graeco-Roman material culture (incl. rituals, religious space, text production and formations of literate cultures, early Christian identity formations, etc.);
• Reading and reception of New Testament traditions in Christian Late Antiquity, exemplifying the transformative processes of the period;
• Analysis and interpretation of significant early Christian writings from the second to fourth century CE (and up to the rise of Islam in the eighth century), including aspects of the reception histories of first century apostolic era Christian literature;
• Analysis of trajectories of scholarship in the last century and a half or so, since the inception of critical/historical-critical study of early Christianity/-ies and Christian origins, and how these constructed the field of the discipline and object of study.
Paper proposers should first pay attention to the project description, “Mapping Transformations towards a Christian Late Antiquity,”(see pages 3 to 9, below) for information on what is meant by transformations and transitions towards Christianity/-ies; what is meant by mapping; and for the theoretical frameworks that govern the conceptualisation of the project and the topic.
Proposals should be submitted by 20 FEBRUARY 2020 and sent to the project coordinators:
• Gerhard van den Heever;
• Chris de Wet;
Individuals who wish to participate in NTSSA sessions, but who want to present papers better suited to other subgroups, should send their proposals of 150-200 words directly to the respective subgroup leaders. These proposals should also be submitted by 20 FEBRUARY 2020:
Jesus and the Gospels: Marius Nel; and Llewellyn Howes;
Pauline Studies: Jeremy Punt; and Francois Wessels;
Gender and Human Sexuality: Johnathan Jodamus; and Nina Müller van Velden;

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