Annual Conference

The Annual Conference of the NTSSA will be held at the

North-West University
Monday 26 June 2023 – Thursday 29 June 2023

Hosted by the “Pauline Studies” subgroup
Theme: Paul, Africa(ness) and identity
Keynote Speaker: Daniel Darko

The conference aims to explore Pauline interpretation, past and current, on the African continent and the southern sub-continent with regard to issues of social identity in the broad sense of the word. Expanding Africa beyond a geospatial location, and certainly not to the exclusion of the continent, diasporic Africa is also included in the research scope of the theme. Recently, issues of identity have developed into an important strand of Pauline studies, but have not been explored in any major way with reference to Africa or in African scholarship. With attention to how identity is negotiated and the religious-theological and socio-cultural dimensions involved, the group is intent on engaging issues of past and present socio-cultural contexts, the reception history of Pauline scholarship on the continent (including journals and books published on Paul in Africa), past and present practices of interpreting Paul, and recent postcolonial and decolonisation debates.

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