The following books are available to review for Neotestamentica. If you are interested to review one or more of these books, please contact Dr. Philip du Toit at Philip.DuToit[at]

Gospels / Jesus

  • Tribals, Empire and God: A Tribal Reading of the Birth of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel. T&T Clark. (Angami, Z.) – 2017
  • The (im)possibility of Forgiveness? An Empirical Intercultural Bible Reading of Matthew 18:15-35. Sun Media (Forster, D.) – 2017
  • Mark 15:39 as a Markan Theology of Revelation: The Centurion’s Confession as Apocalyptic Unveiling. T& Clark. (Gamel, B. K.) – 2017
  • Jesus and the Thoughts of Many Hearts: Implicit Christology and Jesus’ Knowledge in the Gospel of Luke. T&T Clark. (Bullard, C. B.) – 2015
  • Holy Terror: Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. T&T Clark. (Cousland, J. R. C.) – 2018
  • The Parables in Q. T&T Clark. (Roth, Dieter T.) – 2018

Pauline Letters or related

  • The Price of Partnership in the Letter of Paul to the Philippians: “Make My Joy Complete”. T&T Clark. (Jennings, M. A.) – 2018
  • Christ, Creation and the Cosmic Goal of Redemption: A Study of Pauline Creation Theology as Read by Irenaeus and Applied to Ecotheology. T&T Clark. (Leese, J. J. Johnson) – 2018

General Letters

  • Suffering in the Face of Death: The Epistle to the Hebrews and Its Context of Situation. T&T Clark. (Dyer, B. R.) – 2017
  • 1, 2 & 3 John. The Story of God Bible Commentary. Zondervan. (Campbell, C. R.) – 2017


  • Christ, Shepherd of the Nations: The Nations as Narrative Character and Audience in John’s Apocalypse. T&T Clarke. (Morales, J.) – 2018
  • Revelation (TNTC). IVP. (Paul, I) – 2018
  • The Testimony of the Exalted Jesus in the Book of Revelation. T&T Clark. (Dixon, S. S. U.) – 2017
  • The Violence of the Lamb: Martyrs as Agents of Divine Judgement in the Book of Revelation. T&T Clark. (Middleton, Paul) – 2018


  • A Student’s Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic. Updated Edition. Zondervan (Mitchel, L. A.) – 2017
  • Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories. A Student’s Guide to Nouns in the Old Testament. Zondervan (Pleins, J. David) – 2017
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